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Try Pie Finally

Try Pie Finally package com.ack.learning.exceptions; import com.ack.learning.exceptions.PieEater; import com.ack.learning.exceptions.PieException; public class TryPieFinally { public static void main( String[] args ) throws PieException { // in this example, you have decided not to handle // PieExceptions raised in the try block. // When a PieException occurs, the finally block code // is executed and the exception propagates up the // method stack to main(), which we see can throw PieException // The JVM seeing that main() is the program entry point, catches // the exception, dumps out its stack trace and ends the program // note: better to always handle application specific errors try { PieEater pe = new PieEater(); // eat over a 100 pies System.out.println( pe.howManyPies() ); } finally { System.out.println( "no more pies" ); } } }