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URL Redirector

URL Redirector import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.applet.*; import java.net.*; public class Redir extends Applet implements Runnable { protected String urlString; protected URL theNewURL; protected final static int NSECONDS = 5; protected Thread t; public void init() { try { // Get the address from a PARAM... urlString = getParameter("URL"); if (urlString == null) { urlString = "MISSING URL"; throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Redir requires a URL parameter in the HTML"); } // Make up the URL object theNewURL = new URL(urlString); // debug... // showStatus("URL = " + theNewURL); } catch (Exception err) { System.err.println("Error!\n" + err); showStatus("Error, look in Java Console for details!"); } } public void start() { if (theNewURL == null) return; t = new Thread(this); t.start(); } /** Print a little message to the user. */ public void paint(Graphics g) { if (urlString != null) g.drawString(urlString, 20, 50); else g.drawString("Initializing...", 20, 50); } /** If users moves off the page, set Thread t to null so * we don't showDocument from within the middle of the new page! */ public void stop() { t = null; } /** run, called by the Thread, does the work of sleeping * for a fixed number of seconds then, if the user hasn't * moved off the page, actually passing control to the new page. */ public void run() { for (int i=NSECONDS; i>=0; i--) { try { Thread.sleep(1000); if (t == null) return; } catch (InterruptedException e) { // so what? } if (t == null) return; showStatus(Integer.toString(i)); if (t == null) return; showStatus("Ignition!"); // "And then a miracle occurs..." getAppletContext().showDocument(theNewURL); } } } /* <APPLET CODE=Redir.class WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=100 "> </APPLET> */