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Random strings applet

Random strings applet import java.awt.*; import java.applet.*; public class RandomStrings extends Applet { String message; // The message to be displayed. This can be set in // an applet param with name "message". If no // value is provided in the applet tag, then // the string "Java!" is used as the default. Font font1, font2, font3, font4, font5; // The five fonts. public void init() { message = getParameter("message"); if (message == null) message = "Java!"; font1 = new Font("Serif", Font.BOLD, 14); font2 = new Font("SansSerif", Font.BOLD + Font.ITALIC, 24); font3 = new Font("Monospaced", Font.PLAIN, 20); font4 = new Font("Dialog", Font.PLAIN, 30); font5 = new Font("Serif", Font.ITALIC, 36); setBackground(Color.black); } // end init() public void paint(Graphics g) { int width = getSize().width; // Get the applet's width and height. int height = getSize().height; for (int i = 0; i < 25; i++) { // Draw one string. First, set the font to be one of the five // available fonts, at random. int fontNum = (int)(5*Math.random()) + 1; switch (fontNum) { case 1: g.setFont(font1); break; case 2: g.setFont(font2); break; case 3: g.setFont(font3); break; case 4: g.setFont(font4); break; case 5: g.setFont(font5); break; } // end switch // Set the color to be a bright, saturated color, with a random hue. float hue = (float)Math.random(); g.setColor( Color.getHSBColor(hue, 1.0F, 1.0F) ); // Select the position of the string, at random. int x,y; x = -50 + (int)(Math.random()*(width+40)); y = (int)(Math.random()*(height+20)); // Draw the message. g.drawString(message,x,y); } } // end paint() } // end class RandomStrings